With the remake of Final Fantasy 7 came some changes in Airbuster. Diamond Weapon appears in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. The result is that every time Ruby attacks, the character counters by using Mime. If you're looking to fill our your armory, you've come to the right place. Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 10 Secret Weapons, Items & Bosses You MUST Find. For example, it is quite possible to cause, for example, 80,000 damage per Knights of Round spell for a relatively high level party. W-Summon and Master Summon Materia is useful here. They exist as powerful bosses, and several of them as superbosses. The fight will go over 20 minutes, so Underwater materia is a must. Going into battle with 7777 HPs will trigger the, Make sure your characters are equipped with 3, With three Mimic materia it is possible to defeat the Ruby Weapon with all 3 of your characters (greatly increasing the materia growth from the battle). Hojo in the PlayStation translation of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud Strife and his allies intervene to save the city and attack the Weapon, but it is undefeated and continues on to Midgar. It could appear over Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, Icicle Inn, Junon, Costa del Sol, or Wutai. Solo Cloud strategy: set cloud up with the following Materia W-Summon, KR->HP Absorb, Quad magic->Hades, Mime, Final attack->Revive (just in case). For this battle you'd probably want to equip the handy Enemy Skill materia as the person who gets the last hit on Ultimate Weapon will be attacked by Ultimate Weapons final attack: Shadow Flare. Enemy Skill Materia with ??? Otherwise you can beat Ruby Weapon the hard way and get a Desert Rose item and trade it for a Gold Chocobo. Square Enix. You should keep hitting it with Omnislash and other limit breaks until it dies. Now control it to hit your party member. Category:Bosses in Final Fantasy VII contains articles related to Bosses in Final Fantasy VII on the Final Fantasy Wiki. Ruby Weapon can be seen in the FMV sequence emerging from the North Crater, but otherwise plays no role in the story. Created to defeat Jenova, the Weapons are massive bio-mechanical engines of destruction designed to protect the Planet. Be wary when leaving the Gelnika, too: Emerald WEAPON has a habit of waiting just above it. Ultimate Weapon will fly around these so you just have to fly around these areas to find it. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by, This section in Mobius Final Fantasy is empty or needs to be expanded. Not all weapons can be bought in stores and sell prices are calculated as half the buy price. Diamond Weapon's final assault impacts the Shinra Headquarters soon after, seemingly killing Rufus Shinra. Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon are easily the most famous secret bosses in the history of Final Fantasy. I've never tried personally it`s easy to find out, 64x7777x3=1,493,184, IIRC Emerald WEAPON has 1,000,000 HP, so it should kill it. As Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- was a mobile phone game, Jade Weapon would appear depending on where the player was in the real world. So after you've finally defeated Ultimate Weapon after all that chasing you'll have Ultima Weapon and after it's defeated, Ultimate Weapon explodes and opens a walkway to the Ancient Forest, a place with many handy things in like Supershot ST for Vincent, Spring Gun Clip for Red XIII, Apocalypse for Cloud, Minerva Band armor, Slash-All and Typoon materia and an elixir or two (You can also get here by breeding a green chocobo). The village was built to hide the discovery with Shinra staffing it with residents. Use your character to hit themselves. Ruby usually counters with the Ultima spell. Beware that this will only work until the four eyes are summoned, since the demi spells will be targeted randomly if there are more than one target. Then use the magic to transform the manipulated one into mini status. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the divergences from the timeline of the original game cause the Arbiters of Fate, to manifest in an attempt to preserve the original timeline. None of the weapons are missable, you can still get all of them via Chapter Select after the story. The same Emerald Weapon sighting might be encountered on background in mission 9-6-6, during the battle with superboss Minerva. This leaves the player unable to finish the game as the barrier over North Crateris still intact, and the scene where the party is prompted to parachute into Midgar never triggers. Ultimate Weapon is the boss you first fight in Mideel, and can be fought for real toward the end of CD2, after Diamond Weapon is destroyed. FF7 Emerald Weapon Fight Walkthrough and Strategy ... Not that great a prize for how much work you put in, but taking down one of the two hardest bosses in Final Fantasy 7 is a reward in itself. Jenova SYNTHESIS; Bizarro Sephiroth; Safer Sephiroth; Optional & Side Quest Bosses . In the game's storyline, these Weapons are anti-eikon warmachina built by the VIIth Imperial Legion of Garlemald from reverse-engineering the Allagan warmachina Ultima Weapon. Also note that its Emerald Shoot causes your character to lose all enhancers, so you'll have to cast Big Guard a lot. Bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake covers a compendium of a special, unique, and powerful type of enemy. As such, these monstrosities became the bane of everyone who was trying to 100% complete Final Fantasy VII when the game was first released. Emerald WEAPON. To fight it, you need to steer the airship to the red thing that sticks out of the sand; you can also take a gold Chocobo and run into it, but be well prepared. Using the Protomateria, Weiss taps into Omega's powers, but Vincent Valentine summons the power of Omega's messenger, Chaos, and defeats Weiss. Be wary of using Knights of Round unless accompanied with a HP-Absorb materia and high HP levels. An alternate method to get 7777 HP is to reduce the character's HP to as low as possible, and then equip the Cat's Bell accessory. In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- The Banora mining site was closed when Shinra Electric Power Company discovered the Emerald Weapon in stasis. Final Fantasy XV -The Dawn of the Future-, Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide, Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_(Final_Fantasy_VII_creature)?oldid=3383614, Section needed (Pictlogica Final Fantasy). Monsters created by the Planet. So, using the combination above, they would cause 160,000 damage per turn, and per counter attack, and the caster would be healed for 16,000 HP every time. The cannon has been modeled into a more powerful version powered by the seven remaining mako reactors around the city. Set 1 member with KR+HP Absorb, W-Summon, Mime, and magic plus. It's found in the ocean, so you need the sub. Start off by casting Big Guard from your Enemy Skills and Regen+all if you have it. Emerald Weapon can be seen in the FMV sequence where it emerges from the North Crater, but otherwise plays no role in the story. Then finish the battle and go back to the menu screen. The Sister Ray's beam destroys Diamond Weapon and continues on to pierce Sephiroth's barrier over the North Crater. When Ultimate Weapon is flying around, you need to ram it a few times before it will finally stops over some spot; ramming it then will start a fight; the type of the fight will depend on location. Instead, the Weapons go on a rampage. Even with Ruby's Ultima spell counter-attack, the healing effect should allow most parties to pass WEAPON with (relative) ease. [Go to top]← Ancient Forest | Enemy Weapons | Mini-games →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Final_Fantasy_VII/Enemy_Weapons&oldid=857098, Circlet (during air battles); huge magic boost, The fight nets a ridiculous amount of AP, which you should take advantage of. It attacks Mideel, and the subsequent earthquake destroys the town. Ruby Weapon is an optional boss that shows up in the Corel Desert around the Gold Saucer on CD 2 or 3 after defeating Ultimate Weapon. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, the Jade Weapon is insectoid in appearance, with a green/blue/purple pair of wings with multiple short legs and a pair of antennae. The Weapons wreaking havoc on the world mark a turning point in Final Fantasy VII’s narrative as the plot starts to gear up towards its endgame. From Ultimate Weapon you can win Clouds ultimate weapon, called "Ultima Weapon", a reference to the "Ultima" spell from previous Final Fantasy games. This is due to the fact that many gamers were introduced to the series (and JRPGs in general) through Final Fantasy VII. Final Attack+Revive or Final Attack+Phoenix combination. In the game's storyline, these Weapons are anti- eikon warmachina built by the VIIth Imperial Legion of Garlemald from reverse-engineering the Allagan warmachina Ultima Weapon . It is recommended to come into the fight with full limit breaks, as Omnislash makes the battle easier. After you run, Emerald occurs as normal, but Ruby is completely out of the sand until you enter a location, then it resubmerges. Monstrously powerful, they are usually some of the toughest bosses in their respective games. Diamond Weapon appears when Shinra moves the mako cannon from Junon to Midgar, and emerges from the waters to the north and marches against the city. Each Weapon bears a unique appearance, and a few appear to have elemental attributes. From Ultimate Weapon you can win Clouds ultimate weapon, called "Ultima Weapon", a reference to the "Ultima" spell from previous Final Fantasy games. Trending pages. The ridges and slots on the shoulders identify it, but the player is unable to move Zack or the camera as to see past the crystal. To do this, be sure to equip Final Attack-Phoenix on two characters (including the character who starts the fight), and W-Summon, Have 99 items using the W-item glitch to get up to 99. 3 Ribbon Accessories for your characters. (W-Summon) and (W-Magic): not necessarily in the same pair of slots). Ultimate Weapon and Diamond Weapon appears as bosses. Be sure to have Final Attack + Phoenix and some megalixirs, since you're likely to go past 8 materias, and the Aire-Tam Storm attack will do 1,111 damage for each materia a character has equipped. Emerald Weapon in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. In Final Fantasy VII Chaos appears as Vincent's fourth, and most powerful, Limit Break. Some weapons cannot be sold at all. Hojo's influence over Weiss is broken when his brother Nero merges with him. In North America, Final Fantasy Creatures were packaged in clear packaging with multiple creatures per pack, and did not require assembling. Diamond Weapon is impervious to physical attacks (at least at first), so don’t bother using your Limits if you have some ready. Preferably, use a. When Emerald opens up his four "emeralds", just focus on the body because Emerald Weapon regenerates the emeralds between intervals. It appears at first as an indistinguishable red fin moving under the sand, but once approached it erupts and attacks. Due to the energy barrier Sephiroth erects over the North Crater, the Weapons cannot sense his presence and do not target him. There’s one challenge only the most dedicated Final Fantasy 7 Remake.Players looking for a real challenge can take on the Top Secret Shinra Combat Challenge and earn the Ultimate Weapon … Sapphire Weapon is aquatic with a long serpentine tail and a streamlined blue and purple body with fins. It's time to use your potion and hi-potion. Also, have plenty of Megalixers, because Emerald's Emerald Shoot does 6,000–7,000 damage. Ultimate Weapon appears as a superboss under the name "Ultima Weapon". Take as little materia as necessary as the weapons special attack Aire Tam Storm does damage based on the amount of materia in your parties' possession. They are reminiscent of the giant monsters that appear in Japanese Kaiju films, such as Godzilla. In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, the seventh and final Weapon, Omega, appears. The Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Weapons were a memorable part of the original Final Fantasy 7. When it sustains enough damage, Ultimate Weapon will fly away. Ruby Weapon, as well as Emerald Weapon, did not exist in the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII, being added to the North American and subsequent releases, and thus the FMV showing the Weapons emerging from the crater was slightly altered to include the two. Another weapon, called Sapphire Weapon, appears as the "final boss" in Lunafreya's chapter, which details the cancelled Episode Lunafreya. Use two potions and 15 hi-potions on the character, and he'll have 7,777 HP. A frozen Emerald Weapon appears as an Easter egg buried in Banora Underground. The other two members of your party should be down. They represent the ultimate challenge of the game, and beating them will be a great achievement. Fighting it is optional. Instead, begin by casting Big Guard, Regen if you feel like it, and then start pounding on Diamond Weapon with your best magic and summons. If you feel you can take on Emerald Weapon without those mentioned, then the following materia is mandatory: Final Attack, Phoenix Summon, and Underwater materia. This include which part of the game they are encountered. Unlike the other Weapons built for protecting Gaia against Jenova, Omega is meant to be its last resort; it appears when the Planet is in dire danger of being destroyed to collect its lifestream and leave into space, transplanting the lifestream to a new planet and leaving the old one a dying husk. This method is a bit of risk but if done right the weapon wont have chance to grow/use its lasers or special attack just the occasional counter, which the hp absorb materia will take care of for you. You can do this to all your party members. Ultimate WEAPON; Carry Armor; Diamond WEAPON; Reno, Rude, and Elena (optional) Proud Clod; Hojo, Helletic Hojo, and Lifeform-Hojo N; Disc 3 . Ruby Weapon is one of the many unleashed weapons created by the planet in Final Fantasy 7, and this one is one of the hardest bosses in the game, along with its brother Emerald Weapon… Several of these pairings increases the number of counter attacks. The Weapons, also known as the WEAPON, are powerful monsters in the world of Final Fantasy VII. Omega is forced to appear by Deepground and Weiss, under the control of Professor Hojo. It is black and purple. It will damage the entire party based on how many materia each character has equipped (usually killing them), but don't worry: your party will be revived with the Final Attack+Phoenix combo. Between the combined forces of Cloud Strife's party and Shinra, the Weapons are destroyed. Just make sure you recast big guard and use a megalixir after every "Emerald Shoot" or "Emerald Beam". You can get the Mime Materia with a Black Chocobo. It is just to ensure all their HPs are below 7777. With all of the above, it is possible to have a party or single character who W-Summons Knights of Round (theoretically allowing almost 260,000 damage) and is healed for 10% of the total damage the summons cause, and can counter any of Ruby WEAPON's attacks with this. In the northern sections of the first area "Depths of Judgment", Emerald Weapon's shoulders emerge from a formation of crystal. The costs displayed here are the buy prices. BEST: The best way to defeat this weapon is to have KR at level 4 ideally though it is possible at Lv2. Click through the slideshow above to see images of all the bosses! This page has been accessed 112,559 times. As long as you keep using megalixirs, and hitting Emerald Weapon with limit breaks, you should do fine. Whether the Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon fight was more difficult is still debated within the fandom, as those were two of the hardest bosses in the entire game. The cannon obliterates its head, leaving Sapphire Weapon's remains to sink into the water leaving a crater on the ocean floor. Of course, the names of Emerald and Ruby Weapon might be haunting the minds of most Final Fantasy VII players who couldn't fell these beasts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This page was last edited on 6 April 2020, at 02:21. Ruby Weapon is, like Diamond Weapon, vaguely humanoid with arms, legs, a torso and head, but its limbs are elongated and misshapen beyond human proportions. Want more of us? It is possible to defeat Emerald Weapon without the 7777 fever, Knights of the Round, Mime or Master Materia. After defeating it here, Ultimate Weapon flies over the world, stopping at one of several predetermined locations after Cid rams it enough times with the Highwind. Emerald Weapon lies beyond the map borders, and the player cannot get closer to it. A Diamond Weapon fashioned after its counterpart in Final Fantasy VII attacks the city of Insomnia. Another way that Final Fantasy 7 Remake could do DLC is by adding another Final Fantasy character to the game. It should take about 2 turns from each member of the team to fell the beasty, and is possible and ideally done under the 20min time limit (will have about 4mins spare)as the weapon seems slower to act when your not carrying the underwater materia. To defeat Ruby Weapon, here is a general list of the items you will need: Note: Knight's of the Round is very hard to get as you'll need to do the Chocobo breeding sidequest in order to obtain a Gold Chocobo to get Knight's of the Round Materia. starting off the battle with your character at 7777 HPs will trigger the All Lucky 7s attack. If the player attempts to fight Diamond Weapon by ra… Weapons Armor Accessories Items Bestiary Bosses World Map Transportation Hidden Characters Chocobo's Ultimate Weapons Ultimate Limit Breaks WEAPON Gold Saucer Ancient Forest Wutai Gast's Reports Cloud's True Past Vincent's History Dating Game Misc. Conformer’s weapon damage is based on what level of the enemy that you are attacking. Ultima Weapon will appear hovering in a crater. Plenty of items including Elixirs and Megalixers, Phoenix Downs, Turbo Ethers, Dazers, Speed Drinks, Hero Drinks. Ultimate Weapon emerges from the North Crater along with the other Weapons and disappears into the sky. Just kill them off before hand and keep it a one on one battle. The Weapons appear in the Shadowbringers expansion with Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon appearing as 8-man instance bosses, and the Sapphire Weapon as a solo instance boss. Final Attack + Revive recommended for sure. The Weapons were created 2000 years ago when Jenova fell on the Planet. The Weapons are tall and massively powerful, with HP numbering in the six and seven digits for most of them. Do all the characters on lucky 7's wipe him out? Final Fantasy VII | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Before the fight kill off your other team members and don't revive them, enter the battle with ruby, use w-summon and cast Hades followed by KR, (Hades will stop him and his fingers) and then mime the combination, should take about 6 turn is KR does around 9000 damage per hit, if your struggling for damage add MP+ materia. After being fought at various places, it is destroyed near Cosmo Canyon and leaves a crater the party can use to access the Ancient Forest. Do some calculations and use the potions until the his/her HP reaches 7777. are creatures that appear in several of the Final Fantasy games. Aside from Ultimate Weapon, who has the power of a standard boss, Ruby and Emerald are the most powerful beings of the game. Enter battle, and cast Demi 2 on the character, and either escape or end the battle. To ensure you get the most out of the Ultimate weapon, save before each fight, and reset if it runs away before you can steal it. A complete list of boss monsters and villains in Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII). Nothing else comes close actually. You can now use the Manipulate command to control your enemy. It has two arms, but no visible feet, indicating it cannot move on land. Ultimate Weapon is one of the “weapon” bosses that come out of the Northern Crater after Sephiroth receives the Black Materia from Cloud. On rare occasions, Emerald Weapon will do his ultimate attack called "Aire Tam Storm" ("Aire Tam" being "Materia" spelt backwards and split into two words). Diamond Weapon is roughly humanoid in appearance, with a distinct pair of feet, hands, shoulders, and a torso and head. Final Fantasy VII Remake has 24 Weapon Locations and Weapon Abilities. The following is a comprehensive list of all the optional and side quests bosses of the game. Tweet. The tiaras allude to the three Weapons from the original Final Fantasy VII. Omega has still been called, and Vincent must destroy it to save the Planet. start the fight by casting KR twice, simply keep miming it. It's quite a useful enemy skill to have, so having Omnislash and equipping all the Enemy Skill materias to Cloud would be a good idea. Ruby Weapon will otherwise use the Quicksand attack, which will remove two members of your party from the battle. However, let's not forget that this game also had some mandatory bosses that were quite challenging as well. If you are fighting a high level enemy the weapon will do more damage. It has a visible head and two shoulder-like appendages, as well as what could be seen as a mouth. (Fire) and (Elemental): Can reduce, nullify, or even absorb the damage from the Ruby Flame attack, depending on what level your Elemental materia is on. Cid Highwind and his allies fight it when it emerges at Mideel, but it escapes. Walk around until the character's HP reaches exactly 154 (approximately 2 HP per step). In the original English translations of Final Fantasy VII, "Weapon" is treated as an invariant noun, similar to "SOLDIER". They're even more powerful than the final boss itself. In Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", the player can also get three tiaras from the "Corneo's Secret Stash" sidequest. Your first encounter with Ultimate Weapon is in Mideelwhen the team is attempting to rescue Cloud. A quick casting of KR will deal with them, and afterwards the cycle can be restarted. Deepground rounds up and kills many people, tricking Omega into thinking the Planet is in danger. Share. With the threat to the Planet contained, the Weapons crystallized in mako at the North Crater, awaiting the day when the Planet would be endangered and they would be needed to protect it again. Five Weapons feature in Final Fantasy VII, and two more are introduced in its extended universe. Designate your weakest character to use megalixers, because usually Emerald Weapon counters every two or three attacks with its Emerald Shoot. Ruby WEAPON is not immune to Stop, so start off with casting Hades, or W-Summon Knights of Round with Hades and repeatedly mime that or use the item Dazers. Ultima Weapon will appear hovering in a crater. It fires at Diamond Weapon at the same time as Diamond Weapon unleashes a barrage of energy at Midgar.