Would like to know how the Nordic Seal works on Pine. To be honest I do not know of a product that could hide the red that naturally occurs in Bz. The Bona Natural Seal with Bona Traffic Naturale will be the best for an “unfinished oak” appearance. Compatible with all Bona waterborne systems and all other Bona finish systems. High-Gloss Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Polish Model# WT760051161 $ 18 97 $ 18 97. I have Brazilian cherry solid wood floors. Bona NordicSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer that was formulated to provide a green alternative to a whitewashed floor without the use of caustic materials such as bleach. We provide products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of hardwood floors. Bona 32 oz. If I had oak floors, I totally would have gone with Bona Nordic! Next. This two-toned look is great for kitchens, beach houses, and anywhere else you would like to achieve a light, airy feel. Project by The Flooring Artists in Northglenn, CO. . With its headquarters in Sweden, Bona is now present in more than 90 different countries all over the world through subsidiaries and distributors.
NordicSeal helps to reduce any reactions with tannins. We would recommend following the specifications written here: https://www.cityfloorsupply.com/Customer/ciflsu/specpages/Bona-NordicSeal-Data-Sheet.pdf. We use cookies to give you a better experience of Bona's web.Read about cookies on bona.com. I believe Nordic tone is a product available in Europe. Is it ok to apply a third coat? Seal the wood. Best to call Bona Kemi for that advice. It has excellent abradability, fast dry times and reduces the potential for sidebonding and tannin bleed. But I didn't like how it obscured the shimmery grain of maple (not a problem for oak). of Nordic desks plus 2 coats of bona HD? Watco Danish Oil vs. Polyurethane for Wood Finishing. '> Free delivery. Can I get an approx. NordicSeal is GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air Quality––it’s a great alternative to other options for whitewashing floors, like bleach. Having just refinished 120 year old pine floors, I wanted to keep them extremely light and natural, without going yellow. Click here to buy Bona NordicSeal. Uneven coverage can cause blotchiness or color variance. Bona Natural Seal and Bona Traffic . When I first bought my house and had . All stain colors are available in quart and gallon sizes. The Nordic Seal softens the red in the oak and this extra matte finish provided the protection it needs while still looking close to raw wood I would be sure to neutralize the treatment before sealing with anything. The seams of the flooring can have dark pretty deep. Stop/start marks and turn marks will show because of the pigmentation in the sealer, so make sure to feather them out. Bona NordicSeal is a new waterborne sealer with a white tint to give your hardwood floors a light whitewashed look while avoiding caustic materials such as bleach. Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2020 . With the Naturalseal and traffic, you can see some of the natural red in the wood, but they are not pink. NordicSeal helps to reduce any reactions with tannins. A better solution is to use Bona Prep,a spray designed to chemically soften the floor before you sand so that your abrasive can bite into it. —Romano Del Tin, via e-mail . Thx! You should be fine applying the Bona Nordic Seal to a WO Rift Kitchen Island. Cleaning pine floors, as I mentioned about 50 times before, these floors were one of the selling points for me. After sanding the hardwood floor apply the sealer and let it dry for 2-3 hours and then apply the finish that you like.. take your time and do it right Bona Hard-Surface Floor Disposable Wet Cleaning Pads (12-Pack) Model# AX0003576 $ 8 97 $ 8 97. They look fantastic. Thoughts? I would not have an answer currently. Compare. It seals the wood while pigmenting it, and allows the top coats to sit nicely on top. Nordic Seal has pigment in it so you need to be consistent when applying it. Oct 20, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Kelsey Kline. Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish Extra Matte 1 Gallon 4.8 out of 5 stars 36. Thanks for your question! For a natural unfinished look, would you apply 1 or 2 coats of the Natural Traffic finish? buy it today at Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring. Inspired by soft, relaxed days under a faraway shade tree, the Essentials Collection is one you can’t live without. Bona Nordic will work just fine on Pine. Wondering how to ‘laquer’ the floor after treating with Nordic Tone, whilst maintaining whitewash effect … Would Bona Craft Oil Frost do the job? Shop now. Bona inspiration for hardwood floors - crafted from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture. Visit our E-commerce store for Flooring, Supplies and Equipment. Two coats of Nordic seal are used most times to give the best uniformity. With an oxygenated formula powered by hydrogen peroxide, they attack organic stains, odour-causing … Or should I buff and then apply the seal again for the third time before applying Bona traffic Naturale. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Thanks! The spread rate for Nordic Seal is 400- 500 sq ft per gallon. Bona NordicSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer that was formulated to provide a green alternative to a whitewashed floor without the use of caustic materials such as bleach. Their natural desire is to transform into pumpkin orange right before your eyes, but you can temper that tone by updating the way you finish them. Kimthan. I would still like to see it a little more white. We would get 3 gallons per coat. Bona Natural Seal and Bona Traffic. Hello.